About me

self-potrait I am a self-taught craftman, I like design and build stuff with computers.

In 2011, I led the UI design and frontend development at eleme and build a webapp there. And currently I am starting up a company at Shanghai.

I am fluent with Ruby and javaScript, but works with various language when it solves the problem. I used Rails in previous projects and I am more inclined to use Patrino for its flexibility of design.

You could find me on github and stackoverflow. I am also fascinated about Unix’s philosophy.

When I am not coding, I think and write about education, learn new stuffs.

By the way, my name is Steven Yang graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor degree in Economics.

I’d love to collect inspiration to keep myself motivated and do volunteer work at TEDxFivestarsquare.

This site is created with Jekyll and hosted on github.