Annual Plan 2012 - One Step Further

Posted on February 16, 2012

img for 2012 plannings

My 2012 annual plan is finally finished after the decision making about moving to Beijing and joining in ScentLibrary.

The Purpose of 2012

From the changes I made in 2011, I will expand my skills to the full-web development stack from LAN setup, web services configuration, backend development and agile development with Rails. Besides, I will start practicing the very basics of design - drawing while dust off my photograph skills. I would also explore new fields such as branding, scents in daily life, innovation and story-telling. On the physical side, I would recover my backbone aches through exercise routines which will also prepare myself for the snow mountain climbing and cycling in countries of southern Asia.

The detailed plan could be downloaded here. And the spreadsheets I used to do this practice is here.

Outcome of 2012

The main goals of accomplishment includes:

Internal Development

  • More patience about my work.
  • Take record of 3000 hours.
  • Increase productive hours (pomodoros) to 5.5 hours per day.

Computer Science

  • HTML5/CSS3 powered branding website for ScentLibrary.
  • A e-commerce web app based on agile development using Rails.
  • Setup web services on Linux (DNS/HTTP/SFTP/VPN etc.)
  • Two cutting-edge experiments with HTML5/CSS3/JS.
  • Reach a rank of annual top 10% at
  • Contribute to one open-source project.
  • Write 20 tutorials about web development.


  • Finish one drawing curriculum.
  • Conduct two graphic design projects.
  • Make one short video about natural scenes.


  • Exercise 285 hours.
  • Run 10km in 50’, swim 50m in 60’’ and 500m in 15’.
  • Make four public presentations.
  • Climbed one snow mountain.

Footnote: The photo is credited to frank-k_.